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In August, I presented Commodore Preble’s Naval Order of The United States membership certificate to the ship’s company of USS PREBLE (DDG-88).

In August 2002, I was the Registrar General of NOUS and recommended to the Commander General, RADM Thomas Brown III, USN (Ret) that we elect Edward Preble to membership. The Naval Order was founded in 1890 and while its bylaws permitted posthumous election, it had never been done. The Commodore was made a Companion of the Massachusetts Commandery.

Since then, the idea was to present the certificate to the new PREBLE. Because of my travel schedule and then my health, I kept putting it off. In August 2005, PREBLE was making a port call in San Francisco, and it was an opportune time to travel and make the presentation at long last.

I have attached an image taken after the ceremony. Left to right: Kathleen Cummings, RADM Thomas Brown, USN (Ret) Commander General NOUS 2001 - 2002, PREBLE CPO, Chris Cummings Registrar General NOUS 2002 - 2003, CAPT Fred Hawkins, USN (Ret), NOUS Commander General 2003 – 2005, CDR Michael Slotsky, USN, CO PREBLE 2003 - 2005

And by the way, PREBLE is incredible!

Warmest regards,

Chris Cummings

I forgot to mention that the frame the certificate is in was made from wood from the port bridgewing railing on USS PREBLE (DDG-46).

The new PREBLE crew thought that was really great.


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