Are you looking for the name of a former PREBLE shipmate? If you have a photo, send it to me at Email me and I'll post your picture here for all to see.  Maybe someone else knows their name and can help you out. If I get a response to your request, I will post it and let you know.

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12/08/2021 Ric Trexell Looking for the name of the officer in this photo. Identified guys are (from left) EM2 Carroll, MR1 Deausen, Lieutenant Miller (identified by QM3 Tom Fugitt), HT1 Abiad.
12/08/2021 Ric Trexell I wrote to Larry Guldenzopf, (the tall guy on the far right) and he named some of them, but didn't remember all. Identified guys are (first row, from left) HT1 Abaid, Kaiser, unknown 3rd Class. (second row, from left) Unknown (maybe Ferris), Mclain, Priest, Larry Guldenzopf. (third row, from left) Richmond, Jacobs.

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