Due to the fact that no one was willing to act as Reunion Coordinator, there is no formal Reunion scheduled for 2009.


The Preble Reunion Association is an informal group of old Preble hands formed to promote continuing camaraderie among those who once served in U.S. Navy ships named Preble. Our membership now stands at over 400 and we are constantly seeking new members.

Our founder and National Coordinator is Gene Wamsley of Milford, Ohio. Gene is an original DLG-15 Plank Owner of 1960 vintage.  Our membership ranges from Seaman/Fireman to Admiral and includes 16 former Commanding Officers.

The Association hosts Preble reunions every two years. The location of reunions are rotated around the country in order to even out travel distances for all of our members. Our last reunion was held in Norfolk, VA in July of 2007. There is currently nothing formally planned for 2009.

For further information or to receive a membership registration packet please contact:

Tom Bateman

The Reunion Association periodically sends out email messages to it's membership and prospective members.  If you have been contacted by the Reunion Association and do not wish to contacted in the future, please send a message to and you will be removed from our database.

Association Members

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