September 2001

Another " PREBLE FIRST " from National Coordinator Gene Wamsley and staff of the PREBLE "YELL "

Dear Shipmates

This is the electronic age and the Preble must keep up.  The staff of the Preble "YELL" has put together its first mass electronic mailing of the newsletter.  I would like very much to see those shipmates on the web site not already in database to request a data base registration card.

Let me explain, We have two lists:  One is shipmates we have been able to contact or have contacted us for information about the Association; at this time we call it our database.

Second, is the web site kept by Tom Bateman, which includes those who have not contacted us by e-mail, addresses provided on web site for association members who handle Welcome Aboard Information to new members.

Up until now we have not contacted shipmates with e-mail addresses not already in database (call us slow learners).  But now we have a person who is knowledgeable in the computer field who is willing to go that extra step.

Being a Preble Sailor includes you in the information provided on the website, BUT.  In closing I invite anyone not in database to contact the below named for more information on association.

Gene Wamsley                                                  Terry & Sam Siegfried
969 ST RT 28 Lot 6                                           3516 NE 102 nd COURT
MILFORD, OHIO 45150                                    VANCOVER, WA 98662
(513) 248-4026                                                  (360) 982-4367                               

The following was received by Gene Wamsley from CDR TIM BATZLER, Prospective Commanding Officer PCU PREBLE (DDG 88):

Mr. Wamsley-

Thank you for the letter of introduction.  I did note with sadness the passing of Bill Calhoun.  From just a single conversation, I could tell he was a real gentleman.

I think the idea of coordinating your next biennial reunion to be held in conjunction with PREBLE's commissioning is intriguing. Unfortunately, at this point, all we know is that the commissioning will be sometime in November 2002. The location is still to be determined, and I'm looking At several locations, but we'll keep you informed.

For the PREBLE YELL, I can tell you that we are excited about carrying The great PREBLE legacy into the future and about our developing relationship with PREBLE's past.  The christening went very well - the rains held off for the entire ceremony - with Mrs. Connie Clark christening our fine ship. I do have some electronic photos of the day, if you're interested. I look forward to meeting you in person and to carrying forward the great PREBLE name.

Prospective Commanding Officer

The following is from a card from Mrs. Gibbons.

Dear Preble Reunion Association,

 With a grateful heart, I thank you for your memorial remembrance of Paul with you kind gift to the Cancer Society in his name.

Paul missed by only a few days knowing that he had been invited to the christening of the newest Preble (DDG88) in Pascagoula.  I know he was there proudly there in Spirit.

                                    With many thanks. Valerie Gibbons.


Adm. Paul Gibbons passed away in late may.  He was the second Executive Officer of DLG-15 coming aboard in 1962.He returned in 1967 as Commanding Officer.  A well-attended memorial service was held at the North Island Chapel of June 8, 2001.

RMC Bill Calhoun was a plank owner of DLG-15.  He left the Preble in1962 and received an LDO commission.  He distinguished himself on the White House communications staff under both Presidents Johnson and Nixon.  LCDR Calhoun retired as Assistant Communications Officer in the

USS Blue Ridge LCC-19.   Bill was a key figure in setting up the Preble Reunion Assoc.  He was the editor of the Preble Yell and sent out the last copy a couple of weeks before his death.

IC1 Gary Dale, Preble 1976.Date unknown, death notice received from YNC Robert Mathis who received the solid brass DLG 15 Plaque that hung on Quarterdeck.

Gerald Scott SH 3 Deceased 6 / 5 / 01Plankowner 1960

Joseph Whalen FTL2 deceased March 01Plankowner 1960

All Pearl Harbor Survivors All Preble Sailors

Eisman , Charles  SM1 DM 20 1939/1942  deceased 9 / 99

Krucky , Jr. Anton QMC DD 345 , DM 20 1937/1945 deceased 4 / 00

Minski , Valek

Phillips , Ben CMSN/ WO1 DM 20 1942/1943 deceased 3 / 01


Rutledge , Sr. James, SM1 DM 20 1945 deceased 5 / 02

Pnazek, Thaddeus, WT 2 DM 20-AG 100 1943/1945 Date unknown

Heffington, Glenn, WO 1 DD 345 /DM 20 1943/1945 unknown; Brother Foy (living) served on Preble 1932/1937

Redmer, Fred, DM 20; no other information, received from Tin Can Sailors

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